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Smart Home Technology

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Smart Home Technology

“A sustainable home is more than a green building; it’s a living experience that encourages occupants to use resources more effectively. Research has shown that small changes in behaviour—such as turning off lights, changing the thermostat, or shortening showers—can result in substantial energy and water savings.”

Stephen Makonin, Lyn Bartram, and Fred Popowich ~ Simon Fraser University

Regenta have brought Smart Home Technology into their specification of larger house building as a necessity. Knowledge on the eco-friendly build of properties has been on the increase and we are proud to say that we are adhering to the needs of the modern-day purchaser as the market naturally starts to demand more from developers.

Regenta’s first development with Smart Home Technology installation was at Burnthouse Lane in Ingatestone. Two beautiful 4-bedroom homes with high specification were built and completed in October 2017. Their HIVE system influences the temperature of the house with minimal effort and can be accessed and controlled via mobile phone or the internet. Regarding the use of HIVE, our Customer Care department have had no tickets raised and have received feedback on how straightforward the system is to use. Regenta will continue to use this advanced system in future homes.

For more information, please contact our Customer Care department on 0344 800 1630.



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